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Shahadot Islam
Jun 20, 2022
In Welcome to the Food Forum
On the destination. These are people you will know brazil phone number list better than us sure, ask them. Find out the most important aspect they check and the reports that are really useful to them. There is no point in creating reports for them. If they want something specific, build it and move on.Ah. It's much simpler.Take a step back from vanity metricsvanity metrics are those that serve no purpose other than boosting your ego and making things right. But they don't actually provide any actionable value and shouldn't be included in your reports. Metrics like time spent on site are a prime example. If brazil phone number list users are spending more time on your landing page, this stat can be included in your report for a boost. But that doesn't show anything. It doesn't matter whether someone spends 2 seconds or 4 hours on your landing page - the only thing that does is take action.Most of this is about brazil phone number list context. If you're trying to increase sales of a new product you've launched, you shouldn't be looking at ad impressions. It doesn't provide anything valuable except for a weird "Neat!" exclamation. Tell me how many people bought the product. That brazil phone number list is what matters. And that's what your reports should be about.Yes, this is the data covered. Now let's talk about how you actually create these reports.Drop excel sheet reports there is a time and a place for excel. And I think as long as ppc lives, there will be utility.I never want to create brazil phone number list another excel report again. Taking time isn't even the word. It's delicate. It's ugly and it's practically unreadable to anyone who isn't an excel wizard themselves
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Shahadot Islam

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